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Private Investor Club & Platform

Our investment advisory company provides a platform that assesses your risk and liquidity preferences and provides you access to cash flowing real estate and income-focused investments.  In a sense we are the anti-angel investor club, we do not back startups, chase Silicon Valley unicorns, or back risky new companies with convertible notes.  We are focused on hard assets, real estate, profitable operating businesses, true alternative investments, and income-focused investments.

Our algorithm-driven platform acts as a digital investor club for private investors to help supplement what your current wealth advisor or financial advisor can provide.  We do not offer traditional wealth management solutions or provide help investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.  We can refer you to a wealth advisor if you are looking for someone who more appropriately can serve your needs, but what we offer does not overlap with the most wealth advisors.

To get started please register at to register as a client and access our platform.

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