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The state of the current wealth management industry is broken, built for the mass affluent and not the ultra-wealthy. This has led to the growth of the multi-family office model, but still left those worth tens of millions or $100M+ out in the cold when it comes to direct investment structures, deal origination, and strategy. The truth is most multi-family offices want to put you into fund managers, traded structures, and things which keep their life more simple and efficient. The reality though is that those worth $10M-$30M and especially those worth much more are going to conduct direct investments typically whether their adviser claims to have an amazing REIT option or fund option alternative.

We have seen the result of this 100’s of times over, families are investing without a strategy, without a focus, with no defined strike zone. Worse than not having great direct investment deal flow, many don’t know what deals they should be investing in and why. Whether you are sophisticated and focused, or just starting to move up the learning curves of managing your own family office and direct investments we can assist through our direct investment platform. 

Whenever possible we implement profit share only fees (Typically 10%) when it comes to our direct investment programs built for families. This means that there are no acquisition, management, disposition, or asset management fees, just a 10% performance fee on cash distributions and gains in asset value netted out by any realized losses over the entire set of investments we have originated for you.

For 12 years we have operated the #1 largest community of registered family offices

Superior Deal Flow: Due to our position globally as a top 5 thought leader on family offices, we have superior direct investment deal flow, and more importantly, an ever-refined set of strategies, structures, and origination pathways to help families invest directly with more effectiveness. These ideas come from the 100’s of investors on stage at our sister company’s (Family Office Club) conferences, our bestselling book on single family office, our Family Office Podcast, our & websites, and our first-mover advantage which has resulted in us becoming the largest community of registered family offices globally and the first to ever write books on the single family office and centimillionaire topics. In short, our sister company the Family Office Club has over $2 Million a year of overhead in operating the Family Office Club, and clients of Centimillinoaire Advisors, LLC get to benefit from the ideas, and deal flow that results from this position built over 13 years.

To get started working together please visit and register as a new client to gain access to our platform.

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